Greetings visitors!

Thank you for reaching out to us. What you are going to do in Bratislava during your stay? Try tasting wine in the dark! We created sensoric experience of tasting wine. My name is Tibor Kiss and I will gladly share the info you are searching for.

The attraction of dark wine tastings provides juicy aromatic never-to-forget experience of true slovak wines. The wines are served to the visitors after the lights are out. Guests however do not see, nor have a knowledge about the wine in their glasses. They are later asked to guess the actual color of the wine. It is not so easy to guess as it seems.

You will relax and rest your mind from all the stress as you will be focused on the present moment, flavours and aromas in the wine. Enjoying your stay in Bratislava more than ever. We handpick for you the best of slovak wine varieties/selection, national specialties and curate the set of wines to amaze you with each glass. Guaranteed!

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The tastings take place in big and amazingly old cellar from 13th century in the heart of the old city - Michalska 3 st. Just 20m from the Čumil (the statue of the worker staring out of the manhole).

There are two possibilities for tastings in foreign language:

  • Sommelier lead tasting
  • Audio guided tasting (coming soon)

Sommelier lead tasting

  • Language possibilities: There is no problem to have the tasting in English. We cannot do bilingual though, because it takes too much time. It is in Slovak or English, never both.
  • Duration: 120 minutes.
  • Schedule: We will taste 7 slovak wines (sample of 0,4dcl / 1,33oz) plus one bonus (do not tell anyone) . There will be a small amount of the home made bread, for you not to get too hungry and clean the palate before tasting. The experience is lead rather more like a discussion, or workshop than a boring monologue.
  • Price: The price is 25€ per person with minimal group size of 12 people. In case of smaller groups, it is always charged as if there were 12 people. Maximum group size is 44 now, but we are planning to expand to 60 in 2-3 months.
  • Reservation times: Monday to Friday evenings starting from 17:00 or later, weekends from 10:00 till 20:00
  • Additional services: If you would like to have it more... feasty, there is a traditional restaurant just above the cellar. They prepare unbelievably tasty dishes. You can stay after the tasting in the cellar and they will bring everything down or we can reserve for you some tables up in the restaurant and you can move there after the tasting.

Audio guided tasting COMING SOON (est. summer 2019)

  • The principle is the same as in any modern museum. You are given a special headphones with the prerecorded voiceover that will guide you through the wine samples. We serve you a samples (0,4dcl / 1,33oz) in the dark during the tasting on which you

  • Language possibilities: There will be voiceover in English, German, Hungarian and Slovak language. Later we plan to expand to 12 languages.
  • Duration: 40 minutes.
  • Schedule: We will taste 5 Slovak wines in the dark.
  • Price: The price is 12€ per person with no minimal group size. Individual visitor are welcomed as well. Maximum group size is 44 now, but we are planning to expand to 60 in two or three months.
  • Reservation times: all week long from 10:00 to 17:00
  • Additional services: After the tasting there is a little shop to buy the wines you loved at the tasting.