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Tastings in the dark

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The Art ofdegustation

Experience wine tasting in the dark with us! Interesting, informative andentertaining evening, based on the influence of darkness on our senses. There is complete darkness all the time during the tasting. You will graduallystrengthen your senses and suddenly you will be able to feel all thebeautiful juicy flavors and fragrances in an incredibly intense way.

  • You will find how little can it take for wine degustation (not only) to be much more enjoyable.
  • You will be able to appreciate the bottle of wine you have been given, or to choose the one you will give.
  • You will understand why someone feels specific fruit in the wine, how does he do it, and how easy it is to achieve this "superpower".
  • You can easily and effectively master the techniques and principles ofproper wine tasting. You will degust like a professional.
  • Already while tasting the last samples, you will be able to just reel the merging of wine and food off, as you will understand the principles once and for all, without memorizing specific combinations.
  • You will gain awareness of small family wineries and the quality of Slovak wine.

You will experience a unique atmosphere in complete darkness!


In the pleasant atmosphere of the vaulted cellar, still in the light, we will sit you at the tables. You will have the opportunity to wash your hands with aspecial scentless soap and visit the toilet before we start. Then we will slowly start to turn off the lights and under gentle twilight, the sommelier will explain some basic information about how the tasting will continue. During the tasting, we don't light up all this time, and the only one who sees is the sommelier - your guide through the experience.

It's strange how fast is time running, when you are completely in the dark.

In the Darkwithout Prejudice

Thus, after the opening word, the lights go out completely and we start pouring the first sample of wine. After pouring the wine, we will not reveal anything at all about it! Neither color, nor variety, nor manufacturer. We will start to focus only on what's important. On our sense, on art of understanding the scents and aromas, to master the technique of smelling,tasting, evaluating body of the wine, the health of the wine, but also combining it with food.

Also covert prejudices go aside in the dark. Inspite of oneself, seeing the color of the beverage before tasting affects our brain. Some guests even said, "Another great thing was, that no one sees the rest of the people, therefore has no problem to say anything. Nobody looks at me. That was also liberating”

Finally, after each sample of wine we will start to ask you about the color (which is often not so easy to determine), variety and residual sugar classification (also very sneaky). Subsequently, sommelier will present the wine, add some interesting things and we will continue to the next sample.There will be 7 of them + one surprise and the tasting will take two hours.

Reinforcementof senses

When completely in the dark, with eyesight eliminated, you will reinforce the sense of smell and hearing in particular, while the sense of smell is the most necessary for the perceptions that we usually call tastes. The fireworks of flavors and smells thanks to the darkness, which suddenly begins to brightly reveal previously masked aromas of fruits and flowers, roses and mangoes, cinnamon and vanilla, black and red pepper, beautiful crunchy toasted fresh bread and grandmother's plum cake.

Tasting is conducted in the form of a pleasant free and witty discussion combined with evaluating each sample together. In the dark, a story comes out of the wine. Who didn't drink wine in the dark, doesn't know what is hidden inside.

Výhody pobytu v tme pri degustovaní

U nás sa degustuje v tme. Úplnej, čiernočiernej tme, ale nebojte sa, budete sa cítiť skvelo. Poďme si povedať ako sa náš mozog – často nechtiac – stavia na odpor proti nefalšovanému zážitku z degustácie.

Prečo víno chutí po vanilke?

Čudovali ste sa niekedy ako je možné, že víno chutí a voní po rôznom ovocí ale je vyrobené z hrozna? Dal vinár do muštu pri výrobe vína vanilku alebo jahody? Nie. Víno je iba z hrozna, ale poďme sa pozrieť, kde sa to teda berie.

Má sa korok v reštaurácii ovoniavať?

Mnohým sa už stala situácia, že hostiteľ po otvorení fľaše vína prezentoval hosťovi korkovú zátku. Vo vzduchu pláva mýtus, pre ktorý si ľudia myslia, že ho treba v tom prípade ovoňať. Opak je pravdou.

Mission - why tastings in the dark were created

Wine consumption in Slovakia is supported by our wines to the level of only about 60%. The rest of the wines we drink must be imported from abroad.

Our dream is to increase this percentage radically. To increase the demand for Slovak wines and to help wine growers and wine makers to develop, plant more vineyards and support the economy of our own country.Therefore, we mainly choose wines from smaller wine makers, which are often unknown to you. First of all, we are looking for those manufacturers who give their heart and soul into their work.

Therefore, we try to teach people to understand wine, distinguish quality and to show that also in Slovakia, we can make upscale and exceptionally delicious wines. In addition, if we succeed with this, and we will not import so much wine from all over the world (when we can drink what we have under our noses), our planet will return thanks to us for sure.

But how to reach the great mass of people for the common good? We had to bring something different, something special and interesting. Ladies and gentlemen, we present our tastings in the dark.

"I believe that all guests at our tastings will discover that it is not a magic or ability of just a few gifted people to feel so many smells and tastes in the wine. I also believe that they will leave with a smile and enthusiasm, same as guests on photo on the left, I didn't have the heart to refuse them and we took a photo together 🙂"

holder of sommelier certificate from Czech Viticultural Institute

Tibor Kiss

Sommelier answers

Where do the tastings take place?

Our wine tastings in the dark for public take place in Bratislava, Panskaulica 7 in the cellar space under the pub Dolnozemska krcma.
This space is also used for private / corporate events, but we also havemore places in the city and its surroundings, depending on yourrequirements (number of people, projector for conference, menu,accommodation, etc.). Feel free to ask for more details.

- -
Will it be completely in the dark?

Yes it will be. All the time except of introduction, we will gradually get usedto it, and at the end when I bring you something to eat.

- -
Is it addressed only for wine connoisseurs?

Not at all. Wine knowledge and experience don't play a role in the sensoryperception of the wine in the dark. On the contrary, those who say that theydon't understand the wine and that only someone long and honestly trainedcan feel vanilla, plum and white pepper in the wine, will come to their own.It's the same like in the cinema, when two different people come to see thesame good movie - cinematographic expert and everyday person who justwants to have fun and relax.

- -
What wines will be there?

This is asurprise, just not to get subconscious prejudices and moreover, itis extremely entertaining for guests if they don't know color of the wine theydrink. I will only reveal that all of them are Slovak wines.

- -
Wines are from one wine maker?

No. From seven wines, some viticultures are repeated, some are only once.The selection varies according to offer, season, and my most faithful choice.

- -
What if Iwill be afraid in the dark?

If you suffer from panic fear of the dark, it probably won't be the right nut foryou. However, drawn from my experience I know, that hearing my voice allthe time, perceiving each other sitting and drinking wine together in a goodmood, you don't need to worry about anything. Besides that, I will fullyengage you during the degustation with a natural discussion and evaluationof the wine, so you won't have time to be afraid.

"I came to the Dark degustation together with my friend, and at thebeginning we didn't know what to expect. Excellent atmosphere, playlist(winelist) compiled in agreat way and what I must appreciate first of all wasthe overall approach. I will definitely return to Dark degustation and Iwillalso recommend it to my friends."

Ivetka Marušakova

"Excellent, interesting, funny, professional event, not only for connoisseurs!We've come to a pleasant company Thanks for this idea. We are lookingforward to the next dark degustation!"

Slavo Jančo

"Great event. Degustation in the dark was a great experience Tibor did hisjob very well, we learned a lot about wines and about the degustation itself"

Patrícia Chovancová

"Great experience, I recommend to anyone who is interested in wine. Tiboris a great guide in the dark, he can talk delightfully about the wine and he isvery entertaining! Once again, great thanks, Tibor!"

Mirek Hlaváč

"I knew theoretically what I was going to, but in practice it was about 500% more interesting!"

Miroslav Paulík

"I've never been to such an event, so I was wondering what it would be like.I was very pleasantly surprised. Darkness creates a mysteriousatmosphere. In addition to tasting selected samples, one can learn a lot ofinteresting information. I definitely recommend!"

Martin Stropko

"I've already attended several tea degustations, but this one is mostremarkable in my mind. The teas were really top-notch and the tasting wasgradually and pleasantly growing. It was interesting to listen to otherpeople, what everything do they perceive in smell and taste and what doesit remind to them. I definitely recommend this event to everyone who likestea or/and would like to learn more about it. I will be happy to participate onthis event again in the future."

Ondrej Gavalčin

"I've never heard of a dark degustation before. All the more, it was aunique experience for me. In complete darkness, the other senses began to"work" more and the flavors felt more sensually expressive. I praise that thewines were Slovak and we were accompanied by great sommelierthroughout the evening."

Zuzana Kováčová

"Great experience. Only when a person loses the prejudices about the colorof wine and its "typical" attributes, he can fully feel his taste potential."

Tomáš Kovaľ

"Before the Dark degustation, Inever recognized the differences betweenwines. Today I'm taking sommelier exams."

Ján Šalát

"Great experience where I changed my mind about dry wine and theopportunity to get to know better the wine itself, its taste, smell, etc.Pleasant atmosphere:)"

Kristína Palsovicsová

"Wonderful way to enjoy wine and feel like a sommelier for a moment.Great selection of wines with a pleasant accompanying word. just a greatevent."

Dominika Šenkárová

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